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Author Topic: ProppFrexx 3.0  (Read 4343 times)


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ProppFrexx 3.0
« on: May 02, 2013, 11:17:13 AM »
I am testing this other software called ProppFrexx...Very nice program.  impressed. And it takes a lot to impress me in software.

It looks solid, and when you open it and start playing with it, it has a grown up feel to it.

Does anyone else have experience with this program?
see image here>>

...very nice guys. ...WOW!

Clearly this software is top notch. It comes with 4 players for your Playlist, and apparently up to 99 Aux/Standby players...and yes, it handles ALL types of media files for your input...damn! Can stream to Shoutcast, Icecast, WMAcast and Homecast...not bad. Also, you're able to assign an individual mixer channel to each player. And that's just the easy stuff so far I've learned. IT DOES NOT USE MySQL!!! And all of my tracks have accurate lengths to them. None of that -0:00  mess.

PF needs a user base to populate their forums for assistance, etc. The user manual has way too many "more to come soon" gaps about the most important aspects to be useful. But radio42 does provide help on the forums himself.

I'm intrigued...very. Let's see if this becomes more mainstream among internet radio. It has all the bells and whistles and can do everything the major players can do.

I've pretty much tried every other software suite out there, to gain an interest, in terms of the GUI, then comes the engine,etc.
It's high time that programmers step into 2013 with broadcasting software...get creative. As their user bases are no longer the older FM/AM heads. There are younger people out there that have no interest in the older way of doing things...imho
Even some of the older cats out there want something that looks good, is easy to navigate and friendly.
There's a HUGE market out there taking advantage of internet radio, and *most* of em are on shoutcast, and we know what software they are using. It's widely popular, and available and has a sizeable user base. I have used it since 2002.
And no one really has stepped up to the plate to challenge em.

Get your demo now:
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