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Author Topic: Live Mixing Tolerances  (Read 1976 times)


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Live Mixing Tolerances
« on: January 08, 2015, 07:42:12 PM »
Hey everyone,

I host a timeslot centered around electronic music. My session is totally live; i.e., I bring down decks and a mixer and I select and manually beatmatch music on the fly. So far, my station has told me that as long as I play songs start to end, it should be fine, because it's not much different than just crossfading between two songs, just more accurate :)

Is there a DMCA ruling on how much airtime I have to give a song though? Most electronic music are typically "Extended Mixes", made for club disk jockeys that have more leniency in that environment (myself included). That, and some genres of electronic music are just made to be mixed, i.e. Tech House, and I've restricted myself from playing those genres start to end for fear of boring my audience.

I'm confused because I know there are radio stations out there playing electronic music that don't play mixes of tracks 100% out. How aggressive are we allowed to get with the mixing?



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Re: Live Mixing Tolerances
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2015, 10:40:16 PM »
While I'm not the definitive source for this information, I'm not aware of any  restrictions that indicate you are required to play the track all the way through. I do understand, however, that you must report the tracks you play, either through the live metadata, or by uploading a track list to StreamLicensing (if you're unable to produce the track details via metadata) - so that they know what was played and when.

You'll probably want to wait for Marvin to chime in on this with more definitive answer or open a ticket with StreamLicensing.
Brandon Wade
Owner, - StreamLicensing Preferred Provider