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Author Topic: How to gain listeners and grow your station  (Read 5389 times)


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How to gain listeners and grow your station
« on: October 06, 2011, 01:25:46 PM »
    Here are some general thoughts to help you focus on increasing the number of your listeners.  I am introducing several main concepts that will be fleshed out in other threads here on this forum.  Feel free to start other threads and ask the questions that these thoughts raise.

    The first question to answer is simply can you afford to gain new listeners? That may sound silly to you, but gaining listeners means an increase in streaming costs as well as an increase in licensing costs.  If you are on a tight budget you must determine from whence the money will come.   How to fund your station and even move it to toward making money is another topic.  Assuming you have  the necessary funding, here are some principles that can help your station grow.

    • The first consideration is your content and delivery.
      • Content drives radio.  Are you programming material that people want to hear?
      • Is your delivery up to par?  What does your signal sound like?  Are your levels constant but not over-processed?  Processing makes great radio sound but too much can lead to listener fatigue.  What about distortion, is your sound crystal clear?  The hows of producing good sound will be covered in other threads.
      • Is the audio solid with no buffering?  A stream that constantly buffers, stutters and stalls is a stream that will never gain listeners.   Today's listeners won't put up with anything less than excellent technical quality.  The good news?   Today's technology makes quality production on a limited budget very affordable.

    • The next priority on your todo list is your website.  This must be addressed before you go onto the next step which is to submit your site to services like iTunes.  You can have the best sounding station in the world, but if your website is a mess or shows you are "still under construction" you will likely be turned down.  You want it to be utilitarian and somewhat focused.  Work on making it pleasant to view and easy to navigate.  Make your "Listen Live" Button or Icon large and easily seen.  Keep it above the fold (in the top 1/3 of your page) where no one can miss it!  Over time, work on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so that search engines will bring you up in the first page or so of searches on your keywords.

    • Your station needs to be on the air 24/7.  If you are on again, off again, you will not gain listeners.  Every day, you need to be cranking out a solid signal with quality sound, no buffering, and good programming.  If you go to the next step and apply for iTunes or Windows Media Guide listing, you will be refused if your station is not on the air when they check you out.  Likewise, even if approved, if your stream is not steady and solid 24/7 you will get delisted from the these services.

    • Now you are ready to grow.  Submit your station stream info to TuneIn.Com, iTunes, and Windows Media Guide.  You will see your listener count jump up almost immediately.  TuneIn.Com will list you with no questions asked.  iTunes and Windows Media Guide have varied parameters that must be met.  If you'd like more info on how to submit to these services, start another thread and ask.

    • The next step involves money.  Advertise!  What a novel idea!  Where you advertise depends on the market to which your genre most appeals.  I have done really well advertising on Facebook.  On Facebook, Google, Bing or similar advertising entities, you can target your advertising with key words, limit your spending to so many dollars a day, and pay only when someone actually clicks on your ad.
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