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Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Saying Good Bye Is Hard
« on: October 01, 2017, 12:46:04 AM »
Best of luck.

Keep us updated, we all hope to you get back on the air!

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Crickets...
« on: September 12, 2017, 09:03:24 PM »
BMI stated in an email to one client of SL that they were working with SL to resolve this issue.
This makes ASCAP's response (IMHO) pretty crappy and maybe even downright deceptive.
I am much less worried than most because I live in California and we have a law here that allows citizens to basically assume the mantle of the CA State Attorney General.
If I feel I have been wronged I will take that route.
As it stands now I am standing pat and waiting for the dust to settle.
There is a great deal of legal wrangling in the industry right now and I expect it to be that way for some time.
I continue to pay my bills and will continue to act in good faith.
I know I have options so I am going to do things the way I have been doing them.
If someone comes to me and says I need to pay them extra, I will deal with it then.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Crickets...
« on: September 05, 2017, 11:36:39 PM »
Drunken, they finally got it fixed (Oi2 player issue) last week.

Now, the latest thing:  it's the 3rd of the month and they haven't yet (as of this morning) sent out the reporting e-mail reminder.  Maybe it's because their listener hours/performances counting mechanism is now broken. If it's not one thing, it's another.  Will this ever end?
Probably not any time soon.
This is going to be a long process.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Crickets...
« on: September 03, 2017, 12:10:50 AM »
I'v ehad issues on and off it the O2 app for a while...I was off it a coule days ago, but since it has returned it is working better.
Oh, the pleasures of being the Little Guy.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Low ATH on Saturday?
« on: August 29, 2017, 02:42:48 AM »

Okay, once I started writing this post I realized how convoluted and stupid it sounds...but I've been right before about issues which turned out bigger than this in scope, so humor might be malware:

I've been having this issue off and on since June. I have had a couple of support tickets in about it and it seems to me this is part and parcel of the software issues they have been having which has led to the whole ASCAP B.S.
Often my Centova numbers don't jibe with SL, but often they do.
I asked Prostreaming for input and they claim the issue is with SL.
What I really think is least to some that there is a problem of some sort with the servers somewhere in the chain.
Whether that is with SL or PS or maybe even iTunes or Tunein etc. I am not sure.
I regularly check the geography of IP addresses, and although I a not a tech guy, my suspicion is that there may be folks out there doing some stream-hijacking to boost the number on their own service.
I can prove nothing, and am not accusing anyone of anything, but my weird hunches have proved true in other, unrelated areas when asked to test software etc.
I'm going to make a prediction here (which I hope is wrong), but I think there are groups of people hijacking traffic from many different types of sources to boost their own numbers.
Because there always seems to be some sort of component, in all the instances I have seen, Internet Radio-related or not, where there was some sort of ad-insertion involved-whether it be banners, insertions, pre-rolls, etc. The ad-business is dying from lack of proof of effectiveness and people will go to great lengths JUST to prove traffic.
I KNOW this sounds convoluted and paranoid and all, but I have a hunch that somebody, somewhere, wrote some code which has infected servers and software for high-traffic sites/content-types.
Think about it: Outside of social media, who has the SAME site open for hours on end?
Sell software to media companies which ups their numbers.
Who the HELL will try to police that?
The reason I think I might be on to something is this: Most IP addresses can't be searched down to a physical address without a warrant or subpoena, yet one IP I searched DID....and it just happened to go to an address near a place I used to out of the way 'server farm' in a slightly shady industrial area with no signage. None of my providers use that company.
Just my paranoid 2 cents.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Crickets...
« on: August 21, 2017, 11:30:15 PM »
I will reiterate this: It is illegal in almost any state to fail to refund overpayment.
SL has repeatedly stated they are willing to compensate us...ASCAP has said nothing of the sort...and rememeber you have audio tape of them saying all of this.
Once again, not trying to be critical of your concerns, just trying to stop the baby getting thrown out with the bathwater.

Catch All Discussion Board / Crickets...
« on: August 21, 2017, 03:21:10 AM »
I find it worrisome that hundreds participated in the last conference call but nobody is posting here about the issues we are all facing.
The only thing I have seen from broadcasters is on a Facebook group.
Most of it is very negative.
While I respect and understand the viewpoints presented there I just want to throw something out there:
If we don't find a way to stand together, we will not gain anything and risk losing it all.
None of us are heer for a quick buck or to rip-off anybody.
We are here to do things the right way.

This does not mean we have to agree with or even accept what is going on, it just means that us little-people need to stick together.
None of us impactd by the CRB ruling were expecting to get rich, but we are being treated like leeches and criminals for trying to obey the rules.
This is not how things are supposed to work.
While I understand the concerns of people who decided to pay ASCAP, please understand that those of who have decided to wait until the evidence is in are taking a risk on your behalf.
I am a musician and feel very strongly about artists getting paid what they deserve, but I also know that we deserve to be treated fairly by all parties.
Many of us PAY for the 'privilige' of doing what record companies and the PROs used to do: Support artists and promote them and their rights-and without getting one thin-dime for our efforts.
I'm not asking anyone to risk getting crushed by penalties, I am asking for all of you to come together to advance our passion and make the best use of technology to make things better for everyone involved.
YES, I would like SL and Stardome to do better at communication.
When they promise us updates, give us updates, even if they are just, "sorry, we can't tell you more right now.." updates.
YES, a more clear explaination of SL indenmnifiying us needs to happen.
And YES, we need to see some sort of roadmap to a resolution of this. But don't just give-up and waste all of the time you have already invested in your passion-it is also the passion of many others as well.
We can makes this work, we just need to try.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Licensing not paid?
« on: August 17, 2017, 02:28:32 AM »
I have been doing some research.
I was was surprised by something, I had no idea how well Pandora and SiriusXM were actually doing.
Yes, this may be headed to the courts, but now I realize why ASCAP is so desperate to scare us: The money behind these battles actually makes them look like small fry-which is probably why they are talking merging with BMI.
I'm sticking with SL.
It might be rocky for a bit, but (IMHO only) what I see ASCAP as is a company which may, despite it's small size, be one guilty of anti-trust regulations (among other things).
Always assume a bully is weak and insecure.
I fully get why some of you are anxious and upset, so don't think I am criticizing you, but I personally feel this is worth sticking around for.
Even if you move to another platform or go dark? Keep your head in the game and be ready to jump back in when the time is right.
I think our days of being shoved-around may be numbered.
I fully believe that we will be able to prove we matter.
Nobody else does what we do.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Saying Good Bye Is Hard
« on: August 14, 2017, 12:31:35 AM »
We'll be here waiting, buddy.
Take care, I am very sorry for your loss.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Licensing not paid?
« on: August 07, 2017, 03:39:23 PM »
And I assume you forwarded that to SL?
BTW? ASCAP has a long history of being dishonest, so assume they are lying, right off the bat. Also, seing as how SL has named who is doing the audit and when that audit is due AND we have previous communication related to the system problem which caused this dispute-I am taking SL's word for it.
If it turns out that SL DID overpay and ASCAP terminated their contract for no good reason, they will likely not have much  choice but to reinstate the agreement.
I don't kknow what state hase jurisdiction over this matter, but if ASCAP is based in California the laws are very strict regarding refunding money for overpayment. The franchise tax board here is way tougher than the IRS.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Licensing not paid?
« on: July 28, 2017, 12:49:15 PM »
I find it very hard to believe there is no clause in SL's contract for negotiation/arbitration.
If there isn't it would probably be because ASCAP wanted it that way.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Licensing not paid?
« on: July 27, 2017, 09:04:00 PM »
I just spoke to ASCAP (Max). He re-iterated that there are no negotiations with SL to provide licensing, nor are they pursuing opening up negotiations with SL for a new license. So I don't know what to believe anymore.

He also suggested that I contact other PROs to see if they are having any issues with SL - something I won't even consider doing, because it only puts a small spot light on me. No matter how small that light is, I do not want it shining on me.

No reporting, but next year when renewing you have list your income/expense for the station, and the number of sessions to your site. I asked if that meant stream server hits or website hits, he said website. That's something that made me wonder why they'd want to know how many people hits my web page as opposed to how many clicked play on my stream. He indicated that it's nothing more than putting in numbers. i.e. $0 expense/income and 250,978 hits to web page. Nothing more nothing less.

Totally at a loss right now on what to do. On one hand I don't want to close the station, but on the other hand, this is supposed to be a fun hobby. This has become more stressful than anything.

What to do... what to do...
I want to make this very clear: I am not questioning you or your opinion-
Who is this Max person? What is his title? Is he a lawyer? Does he have authority to speak for ASCAP legally?
Also, before you go reacting to what he has told you, make sure you document what he says and have a direct statemtn from him that he is authorized to make warrantis and representations on behalf of ASCAP.
Reporting hits to your site is all kinds of fishy. That means that they are seeking to get a cut of your revenue of you start selling merch or even set-up an online store via Amazon etc. directly linked to your website.
I have  Blogger site and it gets a TON of bot traffic which in n way represents actual listeners or even people who are really reading my posts.
If I sound paranoid, it is for good reason. This whole thing smells of small furry rodents.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Licensing not paid?
« on: July 12, 2017, 02:00:42 AM »
They are trying to force the hand a create rebellion before SL can gather the corporate horses under one army.
IMHO, it is a scam.
Like I said, if ASCAP turns out wrong, try getting your $200 bucks back.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Licensing not paid?
« on: July 10, 2017, 10:00:06 PM »
Hey, Folks,
ICYMI, this is from Wes 4 days ago in the FB group I pointed you to earlier.
Since this is being handled at a higher level they are probably being told to not comment or respond. I am not a lawyer, but I do have enough experience with them and touchy legal situation to know the first thing the legal department will tell everyone is to just not say a word.
Anything said can be represented as being the word of the company as a whole.
I know this sucks, but, let's face it, the PROs aren't really on anyone's side but their own and probably the major labels.
"I am not in a management position allowed to make official statements for StreamLicensing Networks, LLC but wanted to share what I just got from Corporate Headquarters in Orlando:

"We understand your concerns and you can rest assured the Corporate team is taking care of this. Here is a message direct from our CEO, Anthony Hernandez, that we received in response to the issue:

StreamLicensing Team,

Let the customers know that SL will protect and indemnify them. SL is fighting to be fair. ASCAP has overcharged us and they knew and were aware that we are in an audit to get a credit. Savings that we will pass along to our customers. This is a battle of US (SL & our customers) vs. ASCAP!

We will be releasing a legal statement to send to our customers soon.

I was asked to pass this along. Our team does nothing more than Customer Support for StreamLicensing. All administrative and financial decisions are made at the Corporate level in Orlando, FL. I have faith they will resolve this quickly."

I know 'soon' is way too vague. I stressed over Loudcaster going dark and then again over the CRB ruling so I get it.
I'm not going to stop broadcasting, and will wait to pay ASCAP until the last possible moment. I am going to assume they are wrong and if that is the case, rest assured they will be in no hurry to refund our money.
"Indemnify" is the key word here.

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: Licensing not paid?
« on: July 07, 2017, 12:14:38 AM »
If you are on FB ask to join this group there has been some extensive discussion of this. (it also covers a lot of other good stuff that helps us.)
I got an email from SL about it, but didn't get one from ASCAP.
My take is that there was a dispute that SL thought was resolved and ASCAP decided it wasn't.
Personally, based on my experience with Marvin and then the new ownership?
I'm gonna take SL's side.

Another aspect of this is us.
Obviously, if you are on this forum, you aren't part of the problem so I am not trying to insult any of you, but as a group, we Small Webcasters have a cultural problem: We don't engage well outside our listeners.
I know that Marvin and later Stardome represented us in the CRB rulings but we didn't represent ourselves.
We have no face.
We are utterly anonymous and invisible to the CRB and the PRO's.
We are just a tiny income stream with a huge potential value that they don't understand.
Maybe we should try to do something about that?

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