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Catch All Discussion Board / Re: SoKing Internet Radio
« on: February 16, 2012, 10:53:01 AM »
Just a quick update... we held our official launch party last night with a live broadcast featuring several local bands at a local venue called The Tin Theater.

You can check out some photos and an audio archive of the live broadcast here:

Catch All Discussion Board / Re: SoKing Internet Radio
« on: January 31, 2012, 10:30:00 PM »
I put together a post over in the "What do I need to get started?" forum but if you think it belongs elsewhere, feel free to move!


We recently built-out the SoKing Internet Radio station and after looking at our options we chose to use Apple OSX Lion running on a Mac Mini with 8GB of RAM.

Most people would go with a lower cost option but this works for us primarily because we’re a Mac-based company anyway. The software we’re using on the dedicated streaming machine is installed on several of our other Macs, including MacBook portables so we can stream remotely if we need to for live broadcasting or in an emergency or backup situation.

The primary software we’re using is the following:

Apple iTunes – Cataloging, playlist and meta-data management
iVolume – Batch volume level adjustment for audio tracks
Radiologik Scheduler – AutoDJ scripting and track prep
Radiologik DJ – Radio station automation
Nicecast – Audio broadcasting for our master stream

Everything basically starts with iTunes. All of our assets are stored and managed here, music, ad spots, station IDs, time announcements, etc. We use smart playlists to build lists of music for our various programs. For example, our “standard” program playlist excludes some genres of music for which we plan dedicated programming blocks, selects only music rated above two stars, and prioritizes tracks with fewer plays.

After we import our music into iTunes, we run iVolume, which scans iTunes for tracks that it hasn’t already analyzed and performs volume adjustment using a meta-data file rather than actually editing the master audio track.

We then move to Radiologik Scheduler, which has built into it a track prep function that we use to analyze newly imported tracks to trim silence at the beginning and end and to set overlap values and fade times.

Radiologik Scheduler is also the tool we use to author automation scripts that define our programs. We can create a program and specify exactly which hours and days it will run. A program can be from 30min to 5hrs and the script defines what happens during that time period.

We normally have a time announcement and station ID at the top of the hour, followed by an ad spot and then music fill from a specific playlist until the half-hour when we have another station ID and ad spot, then music fill for the remainder of the hour.

Radiologik Scheduler builds the specific playlist for a given hour 20min before the hour and feeds the specific tracks and audio assets to Radiologik DJ.
Radiologik DJ is then responsible for queuing the audio and playing it. It basically runs hands-off though we have the option of manually intervening, doing voice over or reprogramming on the fly if we want or need to.

The final piece of the puzzle is Nicecast, which captures the audio output from Radiologik DJ and sends it over our broadband connection to our streaming host for distribution to our listeners.

And there you have it, that’s our radio station running on a Mac. For the most part it’s pretty simple and easy to use. Getting the automation scripts working exactly the way you want can be a little challenging, but once they’re setup they’ve been solid in our testing so far.

I would say that in general, we’re not really pushing the capability of the hardware or software at this point, but it’s a platform we can grow into as we get more familiar with the streaming business and become more sophisticated in how we use the features.

Station Promotion & Funding / Re: Listen Link on Facebook
« on: January 30, 2012, 11:08:20 AM »
Just implemented "Listen Now!" tab on our Facebook page using this also, works great! I was able to embed our GetMarci info in there too!

SoKing Internet Radio on Facebook

Thanks for sharing the info!

Catch All Discussion Board / SoKing Internet Radio
« on: January 30, 2012, 09:35:19 AM »
Just a quick post to introduce ourselves and share a few words of thanks.

We're SoKing Internet Radio operating out of Burien, WA just south of Seattle. Scott Schaefer and myself, plus a few other folks, have been operating a network of award-winning hyperlocal news sites for the last few years and we decided the time was right to stick our toes into the online radio market.

Rather than compete with the local over-the-air stations, we're focusing on regional music made by Pacific Northwest artists. Fortunately we live in a region with a rich musical background so we have a lot to choose from!

We've soft-launched our site while we shake the bugs out of our scheduling and DJ system and continue tweaking our web presence and programming. Getting everything up and running was relatively easy thanks to the great support from Brandon at iCastCenter and Marvin and Thomas here at StreamLicensing. Thank you so much guys!

Feel free to swing by and check things out, we would appreciate your feedback and suggestions as we get things sorted out and continue the learning process.


Mike & Scott

Catch All Discussion Board / Shoutcast vs Icecast?
« on: January 12, 2012, 12:07:45 PM »
Greetings all,

We're a award-winning hyperlocal news company that has been providing online news for six cities in Washington state for over three years now. This year we're planning to expand into online radio.

We've been testing audio streaming since late December, burning in our broadcast hardware (dedicated Mac mini using Radiologik and Nicecast) and are finalizing the business and legal end of things (setting up a separate LLC, getting onboard with Stream Licensing and finalizing a choice of a stream provider).

Up until now we've been focusing on Icecast because we like the flexibility the mountpoints give us for switching between our main broadcast machine in the studio and the potential ability to switch to remote broadcasts from area events.

Then we stumbled over Marci and we really like what they're doing, but they're Shoutcast only.

So, after all that setup... does anyone have thoughts on the question of Icecast vs Shoutcast? Is there a simple way to handle Live vs AutoDJ using Shoutcast? Are there other benefits to Icecast we're not aware of given our limited familiarity in this area? Is there a Marci alternative that works with Icecast?

Any thoughts or suggestions?


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