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Author Topic: Basic things you need to get started  (Read 6269 times)


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Basic things you need to get started
« on: October 12, 2011, 09:10:28 PM »
Hello Broadcasters!

1) You need a collection of music in digital format on your computer, most commonly in MP3 format.

2) You need a streaming provider that provides you with either a Shoutcast streaming server or an Icecast streaming server. Cheaper is not better - you do get what you pay for in Stream Hosting. Just ask others on this forum. One corner you don't want to cut is stream hosting. It is highly recommended you go with one of's preferred providers.

3) You need either some software that will broadcast/automate your station directly from your computer (i.e. Winamp + Shoutcast DSP Plugin, SAM Broadcaster, etc) -and/or- you need to upload your music collection to an Auto DJ platform. You can use both and switch between them.

More on Auto DJ: Most stream hosting providers will include basic Auto DJ capability with your streaming package. If you don't want to re-upload your music collection if you change stream hosts, or if you want tighter control over your Auto DJ, you can checkout either or

4) You need a website. Most of the time your stream host can provide you with a website, or if you are inexperienced with creating websites, you can signup for a service such as Look at what other stations are doing on their website.

5) Be social! Use social media such as Twitter, Facebook, etc to promote your station and allow your listeners to stay up to date with whats happening at your station.

6) Station Imaging - What's a radio station without those fancy voice over guys and gals? It makes your station sound much more professional. It is highly recommended not to do your own sweepers/station id's/etc. A good place to start looking for voice over talent is at

7) Get your station listed within the Internet Radio directories including, Windows Media Guide and iTunes. There are many more directories around as well, but these are main three.

8) Most important of all - you need - be legal! Don't get caught from the music industry with your pants down. Obtaining licensing from protects you.

If you feel that I'm missing something - feel free to contribute to this thread!

'Til next time,
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Brandon Wade
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Re: Basic things you need to get started
« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2011, 08:14:59 AM »
Is the music downloaded from bit-torrents legal for broadcasting on a radio program?


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Re: Basic things you need to get started
« Reply #2 on: November 28, 2011, 09:27:57 AM »
mrbusinessgolf wrote:

Is the music downloaded from bit-torrents legal for broadcasting on a radio program?

No, they are not 'legal'. The main reason is that sharing music over p2p networks without the consent of the labels, artist and copyright holder, is illegal.  There is also a risk that that the copy may be a bootleg copy. And to clarify one more thing, any 'special' mixes (dance edits in particular) are "not legal" either unless the audio engineer or in most cases the broadcaster has permission to create the edit from the labels, artist, composer, copyright holder etc... Sharing,uploading music etc..., without permission from the copyright holder is 'illegal' , and is called 'PIRACY'.

Look, it is simple =-) The artist among others deserve to get paid for their works. It is the fair and right thing to do! I am not saying I agree with the pay scale we have to pay from the labels. Personally I think it is too high, but as my dad used to say "rules is rules". The good news is that we are fortunate that we can legally broadcast all the music our stations use, as long as we have a license to do so. Remember, get your music legally, which means it will cost money and will not be free. If you are an internet radio station that is licensed to play copyright material , through StreamLicensing LLC, you can go to ,which is the exact copies of music that terrestrial radio stations use, as they serve AM / FM stations.

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