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Author Topic: Virtual DJ Pro for LIVE broadcasting  (Read 5384 times)


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Virtual DJ Pro for LIVE broadcasting
« on: January 02, 2012, 11:04:42 PM »
I use Virtual DJ Pro for LIVE broadcasting only.  If it has any kind of auto dj I have never used it.  I tested it on a free trial and then bought it for a couple hundred or so because it had mic support. 

As an old school radio DJ, I like that you can pick from a couple dozen skins, and I chose one that has the feel of a board in an old, old radio station.   It has 4 "turntables" (decks), and 12 pre-loaded "carts" (samplers) for jingles, commercials, etc. Depending upon your hardware, you can cue your "records' (mp3's) in your headset and switch to "air" to monitor your stream.   

I have a couple of Pioneer reel-reels and a couple of Technics turntables that can be use with it, but it is too much trouble to put the ID3 info in as you're going.  It might be useful for digitizing vinyl but other options seem easier.  (P.S. For those that think vinyl is extinct, vinyl sales in 2011 were the biggest ever.) 

There are pitch controls for those that need them and you can set up a dozen or so effects such as backspin, echo, reverb, phase shift, and so on.  Each deck shows elapsed and remaining time, a "VU meter" (waveform), "pots" (control knobs) for gain and equalization, and a slider for volume.  There is a slider that fades between the selected left and right decks. 

You can record an "air check",  burn a DVD, or connect to a remote server. 

The library is easy to manage and you can create playlists with drag & drop.  The whole browser system is mind blowing to me.  Genius DJ fills a folder with songs based on your song selection history.  I believe it gets them from the internet because most of them are titles I don't own.  As I recall if you get more than 10 titles, you have to pay $10 a month for a subscription.  I never use it, so I am fuzzy about the details.  There is a feature to search the internet and I don't know where it finds the songs, but it does.  Again, I don't use it because I don't want to have to preview the song to make sure it is what it says it is.  If you skip a title in the playlist, it will move it to a seperate queue so you can easily retrieve it. 

It also has the capability to play and stream videos.  Since I don't have a server set up for that, I have never used it. 

There is a long list of encoder, performance, and other options.  Depending upon your hardware, there are amazing sound card configuration possibilites.   

I have tried most of the other software, but have found that for LIVE broadcasting VirtualDj Pro is the only one that suits my wants and needs.  Everytime I use it, I discover a feature that I didn't realize was available.  A feature I wish it had, but doesn't, is a dropped packets monitor of some sort.  It does have a CPU usage meter, but it always runs on the low end of the scale so I rarely monitor it. 

As much as I like this software, I am anxious to see what wsimkins is developing.